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natolyi in exotic_vettech

fun with ferrets

I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to put this, but it's a fun story about the joys of working with ferrets.

Tonight a friend of mine from tech school "inherited" three ferrets from another classmate of ours. She called me over to help clip the nails, all three ferrets were extremely overgrown.

The first ferret was over in seconds, I held the scruff while she clipped.

The second ferret took a bit longer, he decided that he wanted to squirm every time he heard the clippers. I definitely had my hands full with him. I've discovered many times over that ferrets can decide to be "boneless" whenever they choose.

The third ferret had an unusual problem. As far as we could tell, her claw had overgrown so badly that it stabbed her pad, and then broke off there. At first glance it looked like she had a nail growing out of the middle of her pad. We clipped her nails, and then pulled the broken nail piece out. Luckily it didn't look like it had gone too deep, and didn't bleed.

But the real fun of the night was the first little guy we did. My friend's roommate was cleaning the cage, so the ferrets had free roam of the main room. The first ferret we clipped decided to do us the same favor, and kept nipping at our sandaled feet. Try to imagine two half trained techs jumping around the room, avoiding being nipped on the toes, while also trying to avoid another ferret running around, while also trying to clip a third ferret's nails.

When my instructors told me this career would "keep me on my toes" this isn't quite what I had in mind.... :-)


*laughs* When I was at the pet store, one of the guys working there went with his girlfriend to get her ferret his shots. Pinned him down, put the needle in and he turned around with the most "Oh, you did NOT!" glare ever. :3
lol, sounds like my guy, I jut have one though, but he has a total foot fetish. Always nipping at toes and getting into the shoes and playing with socks, lol, weird guy.
Five days later now and my foot still hurts. The little sucker got me good.
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May 2010

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