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ferret ?

Does anyone know if peanut butter is okay for ferrets? There's a client I'm friendly with who has a ferret with a broken/infected upper canine and the little girl isn't wanting to eat much. She's older so the owner is getting very worried about her. She's got an appointment with one of my docs tomorrow and she brought her to the EVC last night but those doctors don't know much about exotics so all they did was pump her full of fluids and give her a different antibiotic than the one I gave her. One of the docs told her to get as much protein into her as possible so she tried peanut butter mixed with her normal food, and she wanted to make sure it was okay. As far as I knew it was, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks.


I want to say it's not the best, because ferrets need animal based protein. I don't remember the details, but plant protein is not as healthy for them.

Granted I don't know the protein content off the top of my head, but what about Nurtrical?
I told her Nurtical or something like it was better than that but unfortunately she doesn't have any around the house. She's got an appointment with our ferret doctor in the morning anyway. Thanks for the input.
Ferrets have a very simple digestive tract. Plant proteins are complicated and hard to break down, whereas meat-based proteins are relatively simple and digestable by ferrets. For future reference, try a meat based baby food as it is possible to acquire that even in the middle of the night. Another option is Hill's A/D wet food. Both are soft enough that they can by hand fed if needed, too.

ferret advise...

First thing that comes to mind is TAURINE. Like felines, ferrets are true carnivores and need the amino acid taurine in their diet. This can only be provided with animal fat. The protein provided by peanut butter is lacking many vital nutrients. A better route might be soaking kitten kibble in chicken broth or warm water (perhaps in addition to a small percentage of peanut butter?) See if that 'paste' is agreeable with the ferret. Also a/d is a wonderful prescription canned diet by hill's science diet for nutritional recovery. Ask your veterinarian about that as well as 'nautical' (I never met a ferret that wasn't crazy for that stuff). Nutrical is a appetite stimulant/nutritional supplement, use sparingly.

Secondly, a broken/infected canine tooth needs medical attention (general anesthesia/extraction...) And it sounds like this painful to the ferret can cause numerous secondary complications. Such as: stress levels=cortisone imbalance (ferrets have notorious adrenal issues), abscess= bacterial/ systemic infection, malnutrition, malocclusions and so on.
*wink* As previously advised... sorry, I just read all the above great posts.
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