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Large Snapper turtle

Last night someone brought in a 50lb snapper turtle that they'd seen hit by a car on the interstate. Snappers are not native to Utah. So we have no idea where he came from. He was just scraped up a bit, so one of my co-workers is calling around today to see if we can find someone to rehab and release him.


wow, hes a biggie eh? Looks like hes in good weight too, he has got to be 1 old guy! Good luck finding him a safe haven!!
You guys are brave to be holding it on the sides of its shell bare-handed like that. I wonder if he was an illegal pet that was dumped. If you can't find a reahber try calling a local herp society.
Actually my co-worker called the Dept. of Wildlife and they contacted the Dept. of Agriculture. The actual DIRECTOR of the Utah Dept. of Agriculture called her and said he was coming to pick up the turtle! Come to find out it is HIGHLY illegal to own snappers in Utah since they are not a native species and usually end up getting dumped. The director said they've been having a rash of illegal pet dumps lately. Some of the illegal pets are snappers, alligators, rattlesnakes, red foxes, spotted skunks and raccoons. They collect tissue samples so that they can try and track where the critters are coming from (he said they mostly get sold illegally over the internet) and then they rehab and take them elsewhere to rerelease.

You named him freeway hunh? I love it. Hope you guys are able to find a place for him, rehab or otherwise...
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