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crazy_dragon in exotic_vettech

eagle eyes no more?

I work at Silver Springs theme park in FL in the Bird of Prey department as one of the trainers . We have a female golden eagle that’s over 18 years of age and she has cataracts in her right eye. It is fully clouded over and is obvious from 20ft away looking at her. Another problem is that its slowly developing in her left eye. Our full staff is on the search to see if there is a surgery to correct this problem.

Any info will be gratefully appreciated.


There is definately cataract surgery to correct the problem. Gimme a day or 2 and I can get in tough with the Raptor center people here in Mn one of their guys used to work with raptors down in Fl.
that will be great. thanks.
No problemo!
Here is the info for the opthomologist to contact for the raptor's eye problems!
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

Animal Eye Associates in Maitland,FL.
Dr. Daniel Priehs and Dr. Heidi Denis
are great.
Dr. Priehs has done several cataract surgeries in birds.
Their number is (407)629-0044.

Good luck!
thanks you have been a great help.
Any time!
Again sorry it took so long. My friend is a hard man to get in touch with!
do you not have a boarded veterinary opthomologist in your area?
The closest one is the university of Florida and we have had some bad results when they looked at another one of our eagles for almost the same problem. We really don’t trust the vet teams in out tri county area. Our main vet that comes in once a week came to inspect a donkey that was pregnant a long time back and he said it wasn’t…well three days later it had the baby. That’s how bad some of them are and some just don’t care.
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