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Well the snapping turtle got transfered to Bird and Exotic hospital and then there was all this fuss over it.

See this link


We at the Pet ER (and expecially my co-worker Rochelle who did all of the work in transferring the turtle and contacting the Dept. of Wildlife) get pretty much left out of the picture. Sooooooo, tons of publicity for the Bird and Exotic hosp. and very little acknowledgement for OUR involvement!

We've seen this sort of jockeying for public appeal before! Is this common anywhere else? Stealing the newsworthy issues to get acclaim? We had one hospital in the news for being the first in the area with digital x-ray capability when we had it SIX MONTHS before they did!

Stupid business politics!!!!


Things like that are silly, and there's not much you can do about it. The only thing you can tell yourself is that while you had "Freeway" you took care of him the best you could. Whether or not you get the publicity doesn't necessarily mean you don't have the highest standard of care. It's not what the world thinks, it's how well the animals you look after do that really matters.
That's defintely true! Its just annoying that other hospitals latch onto the publicity aspect and those of us who did the real work are ignored.
Isn't that always the way?? The clinic that does the least gets the kudos?
I'm suprised Dr Orr is still around! He was the only exotics vet around those parts when I lived there way back in the late 80s and through the 90s!
Yup, He's still working...just opened a brand new hospital out in the Draper area!

His former co-workers were always good about getting back to us when we'd call them for emergencies but he NEVER calls us back. :-P

We can do exotic stablization and overnight care, but one of the doctors I work with is deathly (as in anaphalactic shock deathly) allergic to rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and ferrets....so we have to refer when he's working.

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